Babies and Sleep. Or lack there of.

Baby Girl is 7.5 months old and just slept through the night twice in a row!

I know. *Does a little happy dance*

She teased us for a while. When I first went back to work she was sleeping through the night at 12 weeks old. Then, just when we got comfortable and confident, she stopped sleeping through the night.

Not cool, Baby Girl.

Right about the time we were going to lose our minds, we were introduced to Merlin’s Magic sleeper and THIS video (It’s PG 13, FYI. Watch out for little ears listening in). Life was better for a while, but, of course, the good sleep went away after a while.

Anyway, it’s finally back. What did I do to deserve it? Who the hell knows. I’m just happy I’ve kept a human alive all this time. While I feel like I should be doing happy dances across the kitchen, I actually wish she had picked another week to experience this wonderful phenomenon. Any other week, I would be happy for her to sleep until 6, but this week is Spring Break. This week, if she got up to eat at 5 with her dad and then slept until 8, that’d be cool. That’d mean I’d get to sleep until 8. THAT would be miraculous. Childbirth is a miracle from God, sure, but so is sleeping past 5.

However, I can nap with her this week, which I have done more than once. And, HOLY COW SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!

Ok, she’s napping. I have approximately 30 minutes to play Candy Crush uninterrupted. Any sleep advice for a new Momma? Leave me a comment! I’ll be Crushing Candy if anyone needs me =).



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