Teeth! It’s almost time for braces…



Baby Girl sprouted some pearly whites. You can’t see them in the picture above. It’s somewhat unrelated. By somewhat, I mean that it’s not at all a related picture to the blog. But, it’s cute, so deal with it.


This girl. I’ll tell you what. She must KNOW that her daddy and I are impatient. Even her grandparents like to laugh at how impatient we are. So, I think she knows it and wants to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of making us wait for her cute little butt to hit these milestones.

She was supposed to be sitting up at 6 months – ish. She’s just now getting really good at it at allllmost 8 months.

She was supposed to get teeth between 4 and 7 months. Again, just now, almost 8 months.

Some of her teeny friends are crawling. She’s like, “I’m cool. I’m not going to sit still enough to snuggle with mom, but I’m not going to move around either”.

We’re going to have learn to be a little more patient. I’m sure she’ll get better, too, when she’s a little older. Like, when she’s a teenager. She’ll do exactly what we want her to do exactly when we want her to. Right? Definitely.


One thought on “Teeth! It’s almost time for braces…

  1. Try not to be impatient. It all goes by SO fast. I know it’s terribly cliche, but, my baby girl is driving, dating & looking at colleges (ALL far away)!

    I was really late sitting up. I was also late talking and getting teeth. So much so, that my sweet Mammy-who had been an OB nurse–was convinced I was mentally challenged! Turns out, I have a long torso (nice now that I’m an adult, the fat can spread around more), people who get teeth later have better teeth, and I didn’t NEED to speak because everyone was doing it for me!

    Think of those moments as blessings. You’re lucky to have a few more days where she needs your hand on her back. She’s going to have strong, healthy teeth (that will get braces, because we all have the exact sane manufactured smile by 20 these days), and a great life because you are GREAT people and GREAT parents. Love you!

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