When some things aren’t awesome, other things totally are.

I just realized it’s almost swim suit reason. I’m not sure why it took talking to my husband about buying family pool passes to realize that it was coming. It comes at the same time every year, it’s certainly not a mystery, but I still forget. And, not that you asked, but I’m not ready. I’ve been working out since October, I’ve run a half marathon, and completed about 60 days of the 90 day Bikini Body Mommy challenge on Facebook. Still,  I am just not ready. Babies make momma stomachs a little wonky for a while. I am way closer than I used to be, I am feeling more like my old self all the time, but I just don’t have that 6 pack yet.

Let’s be honest – I tend to be a Dairy Queen regular, so the 6 pack just might not happen, but a girl can dream!

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I came up with this mini awesome post. Here are some things that ARE awesome, even when I don’t always feel awesome.

  • My husband. He is building me a new patio. Also, he’s super duper hot.
  • I DO work out and some parts of me look better post-baby. For example, my one incredibly strong arm. It’s the one that holds the baby. The other one is only slightly more impressive than mediocre.
  • My friends are REALLY great friends. They are supportive and sassy and really entertaining when they’re drunk. It’s pretty fantastic.
  • Not to brag or anything, but I have really great hair. It’s true, except for the “not to brag” part. I’m totally bragging. When it decides to participate in good hair days, it looks pretty great.
  • I am starting a new job next year that I am REALLY excited about! I’m glad that the interviewers liked my little bit of crazy and thought that it’d fit with their little bits of crazy.
  • My parents are more awesomer than most parents. They always have the blender ready for frozen drinks when I come home and they built the most ‘mazing bar in their basement. Oh, and they love me and support me and stuff. All important qualities.

And, most importantly.

  • I made a BABY last year. That’s so freaking awesome. She’s a genius, you know. And she’s totally worth the trouble.

So, what makes you feel better when you’re in a slump? What’s awesome in your life?


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