Momma’s Weight Loss Plan

Baby Girl has been helping around the house lately. Time and time again, since she started crawling, she has helped me to organize and clean the house. Her Dad is pretty helpful with the routine cleaning, but Baby Girl helps with the odd jobs that must. get. done. now.

When I need to re-alphabetize the DVD collection, she takes them all off the shelf. Sometime I don’t even know they need to be reorganized, but she’s there to let me know.

photo 1(2)

And, when I need to see every single one of her toys from her toy box (just in case one has gone missing, of course), she is there to pull them all out. Each of them. Each and every one.

photo 2(2)

Then, when I need to know if there is a single spec of dog food anywhere on the floor (hint: there always is), she finds one.

And she gives it to me without crying that I’m taking it from her.

I may be lying about that last part.

I swear we vacuum frequently, mom. Seriously.

Anyway, I’ve decided that Baby Girl’s crawling/soon-to-be-walking is going to be my new weight loss plan. If you’re a parent, you probably completely understand. But, for those not-yet-a-parents, don’t-care-to-be-a-parents, and the about-to-become-a-parents, picture this: Ninja baby. One second she is chewing on Sophie the Giraffe next to me. The next, she is across the room milliseconds from ingesting dog food. While it’s nice that she helps around the house these days, I’ve worked up a sweat more than once trying to keep up with her so she doesn’t climb up the TV stand. Leg workout: Check! And, to top it off, the girl flops like a fish if I’m holding her and she wants to be on the floor on her own. Arms: check!

Maybe this will help my left arm catch up with my right?

I’ve even considered having babysitters start to pay me. Babysitting Baby Girl is like having a gym membership. It’s a great workout! It’s a win-win. Well, it’s a win-win on my part. Because you’re babysitting for me and paying me to do so.

Who wants to babysit?


Is this thing on?

Anyway, it seems that Baby Girl is my new workout plan, whether or not she is anyone else’s workout plan. I’m sure that her walking will only help me to get into even better shape in that I’ll forever be chasing her down in public places. Cardio: Check! If I’m lucky, I’ll get into shape AND be able to indulge this cleaning instinct she has. I’m sure that she’ll be perfectly willing to help clean well into her teenage years.

That’s how teenagers work, right?


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