Year one is coming to a close. I CAN’T HANDLE IT!

I can’t believe I didn’t post about this yet! Good grief, it’s about time. Other babies are walking, but Baby Girl crawls and she crawls like a fiend. She is the best and most adorable crawler I’ve ever seen.


To be fair, she’s been crawling for about a month, but it’s still SO EXCITING!

So, I’m a little afraid to blink, because she’ll be walking when I do. I mean, seriously, it feels like you blink an eye and all of a sudden they’re almost 1 and you’re planning a pink tutu and pearl birthday party.

All of this blinking fear has me thinking. People don’t hesitate to talk to you when you’re pregnant. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know exactly what I mean. They’ll tell you about their families. They’ll stop you in public places to tell you about their lives. They’ll tell you about their kids and their grandkids and how they all walked when they were 2 months old and were potty trained by 1 year old.

1 year old!

Yeah right, lady. Your memory is slipping.

Most of all, they’ll tell you about your family. It’s odd, because they might not even know you when they tell you about your family, but they certainly won’t hesitate to tell you anyway.

They say:
You’re going to have a girl/boy because you’re carrying high/low.
Are you exhausted yet? That’s going to happen.
Are your feet swelling? Because they’re about to be the size of balloons.
Really. Friggin. Big. Balloons. (Be forewarned, this is not a lie)
You’re never going to sleep again. Ever. Until they’re 30.
Your kid is going to have a ton of rolls at about 3 months old.
Are you going to breast feed or formula feed? Well, here is the right answer, because that’s what I’ve done, and I’m right because I have children and that makes me knowledgeable. I’m basically a doctor.

Nevermind the fact that most of those assumptions were completely correct. Nevermind the fact that they usually DO come from some knowledge somewhere. Nevermind that a billion people have had babies and that’s why these things come to be so well known.

But, do you know what they don’t tell you?

They don’t tell you that your entire first year is the most amazing year of your life. They don’t tell you that you will all of a sudden be happier than you’ve ever been just because of a sweet smile that you had never seen before. They don’t tell you that you’ll laugh until you cry the first time that sweet smile turns into a giggle right before your eyes. They don’t tell you that teaching a baby to roll over/crawl/walk will become a bigger accomplishment than any degree or position you could work for. They don’t tell you how amazed you’ll be at every small development your sweet someone could go through. And it’s crazy!

Sure, we certainly don’t sleep in as much and we most definitely stay in more often. We can’t always go where we want when we want. Except, actually, we completely go where we want when we want. Because, we go home. We want to go home. We have the most amazing family to go home to. So, in that sense, we go where we want when we want to. Our “wants” just changed a little bit.

Anyway, the point is, Baby Girl crawls. She pulls up and she is going to walk soon. Then, we’ll have a birthday party filled with tulle, pearls, and girly things. Before we know it, we’re going to be getting her drivers license and sending her to college. In the mean time, I’m going to cuddle with her as long as she’ll let me because this is most definitely the best year of my life thus far. And also the sleepiest.


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