About Me

I am a 20-something high school math teacher momma from Missouri that survives on coca cola and frozen yogurt. (I know, from Missouri and a math teacher. You’re jealous, right? )

I gave birth to the sweetest baby girl in August 2013. It was the most painfully rewarding 30 hours of my life. Her daddy, my husband, is ridiculously goofy and the man of my dreams. While I teach, he does business things at his place of business. He’s very good at the business things.

This is a picture of Baby Girl and me around her 6 month birthversary:


And, a picture of Baby Girl with her daddy at Halloween:


Every day, I learn a little bit more about being a momma, a wife, and a teacher. One day, I plan to figure out the secret to being really good at all of those things at the same time. If I do, I’m going to become a millionaire on all of the self help books I’ll be selling. Be on the look out for those, because I’m sure I’m on the cusp of figuring it all out!

I hope you enjoy my blog and leave me a message. If you want to hear about anything specific, let me know. I’d be happy to cover it!

– Momma Koenig



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